Individual Creative Enquiry Retreats

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

Paul Gauguin 1897–1898

Sometimes it can be helpful to step out of our daily routines and immerse ourselves within a creative space.Lots of of us so need rest. Deeply.  Life can be full to the brim, busy and so often overwhelming as equally as it it wonderful. Taking time out,  or time in,  as I see it allows us to create the necessary conditions in which to orient again to the questions that keep calling us. 

In addition to Paul Gauguin’s Questions may be ‘ what gives me meaning’ ‘what brings me most joy’ what makes me feel alive’ and how do I create a life that I can as the poet  Rilke said ‘ Love the questions’ that I live with.

In essence a retreat is a time to deepen, still, and listen to the personal threads of your own enquiry, and to attend to what matters to you with support and space of the retreat conditions.

Whether thats your own arts practice, health, directions that life are leading you, or a moment of personal challenge or transition in life. The retreat is a moment in which to lean in to the creative encounter, in order to gain clarity. 

The retreat centres around studio time and movement sessions

Somatic Experiencing sessions

Organic Intelligence Coaching sessions 

Arts Therapy

All sessions are supported by writing, drawing and time out in nature.

I also offer online individual creative enquiry sessions.

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