Companion Cards

I hope these scores may be like simple kindling for the fire of the body and imagination. They are companions of sorts, for those of us who spend time alone in spaces. It is one way of many, to open doorways into the dialogue between sensation, imagination, and expression through the body.

There is no one-way of responding to the words and images. In the practice of working with them, I try as best as I can to take them with the spirit of beginners mind, with lightness and patience towards the mystery of the body and imagination.

A way to approach working with them in groups or in solo is to pick one at a time, moving back and fourth between resting, observing, performing and going through as many or as few as one likes of the scores.

A time frame as a container for exploration can also be useful for some.

One can work with one or two images more deeply over longer periods of time also if there is curiosity.

On picking a card I try to allow the words, images and feelings to be received somewhere within me. It can be helpful to notice the breath before and during reading, so that I remain connected to my sensation, as the trickster mind can sometimes wish to understand or make some sense of what I’m reading. My hope is that the scores are simple gateways into creative acts.

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Centering Cards

a small, wallet-size wooden card with printed image on front and text on back.

‘I stand in the dark and breathe in the night’

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