Cai Tomos Bilbao 116

 “I really appreciated the workshop yesterday, I came away with a strong sense of being part of something. As I said, I love it that when you say ‘open to everyone’ you really mean it – you create a space which is completely welcoming to every dancer what ever their level and range of movement experience . You took us to places of deep discovery, expression and connection through a structure which was light, playful and resonant, and held a space where we could be completely ourselves, in our own movement, with no question of judgement, competition or comparison. I find as I get older that there’s a tendency for my sphere of movement to get smaller, controlled and constrained, so I value space and invitation to enjoy big, ungainly and chaotic movements, bumping and jostling but also melting and dissolving. At the moment I’m feeling a lot of distress and powerlessness, and yes, I think such spaces are important at this time and do make a difference. I guess I need that nurturing and awareness that comes from the movement of my own body, and the presence and touch of other bodies in the field we create between us, and I hope we take what we create out into the world when we leave”

“His method of teaching was relaxed and insightful. The images that he used each week, as the lesson was starting, were meaningful, thoughtful ,funny and relevant. It was obvious that each lesson was meticulously and beautifully planned.

I felt that I gained a lot from the classes. It was important for me to be able to participate both sitting and standing as I had some recent problems with a very painful and inflamed hip flexor(well improved now thank goodness).”

“I really liked his interesting introduction-information and he had a lovely way about him regarding movement. He conveyed a charming sense of joy and had a contagious smile. He was very encouraging.” 

“Thoroughly enjoyed the classes these past number of weeks. Well thought out and some lovely music.”

“I really enjoyed Cai’s classes. If anyone had asked me I would have thought I would like more structure but Cai’s imagery actually inspired me to move in my own way and I really enjoyed it” 

“I especially  enjoyed Cai Tiomos and was sad to miss yesterday’s class.  I loved his relaxed approach and yet felt energised after the session.  I particularly  liked his visuals which I found inspiring  and liked to think of myself as a fern uncurling. 

I am sending an image of a poppy that just came out in the sunshine yesterday with a message for Cai, `longlive people who peer into the center of flowers.” (See attached)

““Particular thanks also to Philippa and Cai who are both excellant. They displayed great skills in movement and dance and also in teaching and  interpersonal skills.  They both brought great enthusiasm,  humanity and humour  to their work which supported everyone to engage in the process.  I would appreciate if you would pass on my thanks to both of them.  “

“I thoroughly enjoyed Cai’s sessions. Such an affable young man whose lovely soft welsh accent was almost hypnotic as he encouraged us to use our imagination while dancing. His short presentations at the start of each session were very well prepared and informative and I enjoyed his encouragement of self expression.”

“Simon and I are sorry to have finished the classes with Cai. We loved his instinctive approach, starting each class with a few powerful images, linking always to nature, the body and the breath. There was a meditative quality, making you aware of the body as when doing yoga..  It felt like he was in the room with us. “

“I loved his approach which seemed to unlock movement in a very instinctive way…. his introductions were thought provoking and set the tone for each session so well. 

I found the zoom classes for these sessions worked very well, dancing alone in your own space was very liberating I think. “

“I thoroughly enjoyed Cai’s classes. His harnessing of the imagination to the body’s movements lent a great deal of joy to the classes. It frees the body up and lets the experience of moving feel really exhilarating. And above all fun. 

Many Wednesdays with Cai I started feeling tired and not in the mood, but ended the session feeling happy, liberated, open to the world, and so glad to have been there.”