“I really appreciated the workshop yesterday, I came away with a strong sense of being part of something. As I said, I love it that when you say ‘open to everyone’ you really mean it – you create a space which is completely welcoming to every dancer what ever their level and range of movement experience . You took us to places of deep discovery, expression and connection through a structure which was light, playful and resonant, and held a space where we could be completely ourselves, in our own movement, with no question of judgement, competition or comparison. I find as I get older that there’s a tendency for my sphere of movement to get smaller, controlled and constrained, so I value space and invitation to enjoy big, ungainly and chaotic movements, bumping and jostling but also melting and dissolving. At the moment I’m feeling a lot of distress and powerlessness, and yes, I think such spaces are important at this time and do make a difference. I guess I need that nurturing and awareness that comes from the movement of my own body, and the presence and touch of other bodies in the field we create between us, and I hope we take what we create out into the world when we leave.”