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Unknowable dances’

Movement, Dance and Creative process

Cai Tomos: Sensing Self-Workshop Series

Friday July 21st   5:45pm-9pm

Saturday July 22nd   10:30pm-4pm

Venue: Glantwymyn Community Centre   Cemmaes Road   Machynlleth   SY20 8LX

Cost: £35/40 for both days

Booking essential: yonnie@cooptel.net or 01654 703622

This workshop is about making space to listen to all the dances that lie dormant within us, waiting to appear.We will journey through improvisational tasks and structures that prioritize the re-awakening of sensation, imagination and creativity. We will attempt to awaken the un-danced dances and give room for our own creativity to come fourth.Time will be spent working in solo, duet, and group explorations focusing on developing trust for our imagination and own movement experience as a resource for our dancing life.Time will be spent unwinding and re-connecting to our inherent creativity that emerges within the dialogue between sensation and imagination. Most importantly the workshop will focus on developing our capacity to listen and respond to our own body’s feedback with curiosity and openness to learn from all that arises.


‘The mens Room’ @ the Place, London 8 April 2017.

‘Day Long Improvisation’ workshop @the Place, London 9th April 2017.


‘From Empty hands I begin’ 12-14  May Felinganol.



Autumn 2016. 

Dancing from the heart  the place, London: Sep 2016

The storied self October 2/3 NDCW Cardiff.



Booking: caitomos@me.com





 Cyswllt/Contact: 20/21 Feb 2016, Caerdydd/Cardiff NDCW.

For the Love of Gravity: Workshop 31, Jan 2016



Week of Creative practice and Improvisation at The Place
17-21 August 2015.
Booking at www.theplace.org.uk


  • Contemporary dance and experiential body work.
  • Site locational workshops.
  • Improvisation/composition.
  • Arts and creativity for well-being.
  • Choreographic support and mentorship.

If you want to book a workshop or want to find out more please get in touch

If you want to be on the list to be notified of where and when workshops are happening,then contact me on my e-mail address is below…..

  • caitomos@me.com

Cai teaches and facilitates workshops and classes with a wide variety of people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. He has taught professional dancers, actors, children and toddlers. He has run boys/men only movement and dance sessions. He currently teaches at Chichester University on the BA and MA dance programme. Cai runs various groups for older adults. He currently facilitates  “Cain” – a performance company for the over 50s, and “Estyneto” which is a movement and wellbeing group which meet monthly in Galeri theatre, Caernarfon. Both these sessions are run bilingually through both welsh and english languages.

Cai also runs sessions in care and residential homes for older people. He runs movement and wellbeing sessions for those with a diagnosis of dementia.

Cai is interested – regardless of context – on increasing awareness around the value of expression through the arts in all its forms. He is interested in how we can fine tune, enhance and build upon our expressive and communicative skills through engagement with the arts whether we have danced all our life or whether we’re just starting.

Cai Tomos

One thought on “Teaching/Workshops

  1. Doreen Whellams

    Hello Cai , I came to your improvisation workshp at The Place at Easter and would like to know whether you are returning. I am interested in the ‘over 50’s’ or Improvisation classes. As an artist who regularly draws the dancers there and being interested in all aspects of dance I found to take part myself was inspirational. Best wishes Doreen Whellams


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