Past and current works:

My work usually consists of many art forms co existing, I am interested in what happens when I move from one art form to another. In translation something is gained.

Mae fy ngwaith yn plethu aml gyfrwng celfyddydol. Dwi efo diddordeb yn yr hyn sydd yn digwyddd drwy drosi un iaith gelfyddydol i un arall.

There is something/Mae yno rywbeth: Sound and image Cai Tomos.

Debajo Del Sombrero, MADRID


Somethings from Somewhere ( link ) to British Council web page


Forgetting and Remembering Ourselves: Documentary Itaxo Diaz

Acts Of Remembering- Festival 10 Sentidos 2017

Acts of remembering_-3057
Acts of remembering_-3051
CaiTomosNoviembre 169.jpg

‘WILD’ MAP Dance Tour 2017

Residency at 2 Penrhiw

Cai Tomos – Residency at 2 Penrhiw

Cai and Meilyr Tomos – Cymanfa

Film ( Full Length) Cain

PNEUMA-Miranda Tufnell.

Photo:John Nickson

‘Gymanfa’ Llawn02 Llandudno 2014.

A new collaboration between brothers Cai and Meilyr Tomos
One hundred recorded voices from around North Wales will make up a virtual choir of sound to fill the Tabernacle chapel in Llandudno. A live music and dance composition will take place, by the placing of 100 miniature speakers around the tabernacle space. Each speaker with its own sung note, collected from the people who occupy various chapels across North Wales that have had a “change of use” . Some of these chapels are now garages, shops, carpet showrooms, holiday homes and pubs – the sung notes will be contributed by the present incumbents to form the virtual choir in “Gymanfa”


Describing Piece 2014.
Describing Piece 2014.
'solo for Margot' 2013
‘solo for Margot’
2013: photo Warren Orchard

‘Solo For Margot’‘Solo for Margot’


Lost /Ar Goll -2013


‘Calon’ 2010-2012

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