Dates/Dyddiadau. Performances/Workshops.



‘Somethings from Somewhere’  May 2017- Onwards; Collaboration with the artist from  Debajo del Sombrero ( Madrid.

Festival 10 Sentidos Valencia Spain- Performance ‘ Acts of Remembering’: Sala Aula Magistral 6 May

Collaboration with Rosetta Life, the Place, and British Museum  – Performance work for older people  July  2017.

Sep/Oct 2017 Tabakalera: Residency  and collaboration with Video artist Itxaso Diaz.

on Going…

Development sessions in Galeri Caernarfon Cain and Estyneto Groups.

Monthly sessions: Booking  Cain ac Estyneto


APRIL: CW+ Hospital ‘In between Light and Shade’ Performances at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

MAY: 26Prototipoak- Residencey Bilbao

JUNE: Movement for health and well being- Hospitals in Paris and UK.

Dancing from the Heart WMC- 26th June 2016


Rosetta life – Movement Sessions in St Marks Ward Guys and St Thomas Hospital.

Groundwork Pro: classes 13-15 July

Release and Improvisation with Cai Tomos



SEP: 17/18 Sep 2016 NDCW

‘The Storied Self’



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