Dance and Movement for Older people


Movement is essential for well being from infancy to older age.  Countless studies show that exercise extends life and improves quality of life. Exercise stimulates the production of endorphins in the brain, which tend to elevate mood and increase tolerance to pain.  Movement offers the possibility to enhance our “body-mind connection and listen to ones one body in such a way that it becomes a recourse. As we get older our relationship to our bodies changes as we sometimes become ill or unable to do what we used to. This change challenges us both physically and mentally and can often move us into passivity.

Dance and movement can encourage us to re-connect to ourselves through movement and imagination. It can aid us in restoring or re-finding a connection to the body. Using simple exercises that encourage us to open up our awareness of the moving body. Over time we can increase our ability to listen to our bodies through mindful awareness, opening up with others to our spontaneity, our sensations, memories and stories we have gathered in life so far.


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